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You’re not using online advertising

The world ha s moved to o—

Gone are the days of just passing out business cards, sending flyers via USPS, posting your advertising in print ads.

Those days are gone

IF you’re not taking advantage of Facebook adversing, google ads, pinterest ads, you’re missing out on a huge adueicne and the ptonital to make more mone than what you’re bringing right now


FB Ads, is a platform where you can niche down your target audience to the type of shoes they wear all the way to the music they listen to, all the way to the type of pet food that they buy.

This is very specific for businesses that have product in mind, and you need to target your audience very specifically.
now if you browse on social media, you see advteisments all the time:
pictures videos, andguess who did those advwtsingens? Ag graphic designer

You need a budget to set up your ad campaign and then you need a graphic designer to look pretty. Cause let’s be real, no one wants to click on shiity ads. The job of ad is to bring the person out of their current scroll session and have them click on your ad. The best way to do that is to have a great graphic designer and a clear vision of what you’re using a campaign for?

Your website is trash

if you click/type in you website on the computer and then type your website eon the phone and if it looks exactly the same, then your website is outdated. It’s not optimized for mobile devices.
Everyone’s on there phone now— a year ago or whatever, the amount of mobile users has triumphed over the amount of desktop users. What does this mean? it means that everybody is on their phone—they’re doing business on their phone, they’re doing social media, marketing , emailing, talking to their loved and face timing freiends—everything is most done on the phone nowads. Shopping is done on the phone

If you website is not mobile responsive, you’re missing out on money—sales. — your average mobile user is lazy. They on’r want to click here, and click here, then have to scroll don here and click here—your website should be easy as 1-2-3. it should minimize the amount of actions a user has to take to get to the product because the attention span of a typical user is no the same as it was back then. We’re used to instant gratification now, and if some is on your website and they can’t figure out how to contact you or if they can’t figurer out how to get your product, then guess what? They’re going to go away, type in google.com, and they’re to drop-off your site or either going to find someone else.
Your website should be response, and have a clear call to actin. It should have minimal actions, and ultimately, it needs to be beautify. It’s all about the experience- not just what’s on ther.e

Your logo is outdated
if you paid $5, $10, $15, $50 for your logo, then what kind of message are you sending your potential customers. if you’re not willing to invest in your brand , website, or service, then why should your customers? Yourlogo should portray timeless. it should be a mark that ha your target audience in mind- portrays your business in a beautiful an creative way-strays away from trends because trends do fade——think of fb, sc, twitter, your logo should be….
something that encompasses all?
Here’s a good test
Say you have your main product and you wanted to expand to other lines of businesses within your brand. Can your logos till be used for theose products? If not, then your logo is bad.

A logo designer takes the time out proerplery researchh, brainstorm, generate concepts and sketches that identify with your business’ goal. Now there’s nothing wrong with a getting cheap logo if you’re just starting out and your budget is limited (I did logos for the low when I started out, too), but if you want to expand your business and have people think of your in a serious matter??? then you need

Have you tried using video?

Internet tis dominated with images: stock images with sites like istocphoto, shutter stock, etc. Images from cell phone devices, selfies, etd. A way to stand out from the world using those images is to use video. It’s all about the experience now. Static images are not as captivating as a video would be

Say you wanted to advertise your service or launch brand awareness, or you just came out with a new service—yes you can put text on picture, post it, and boost, but imagine if you had a video that describe your new — and captivated the viewer all-time? a ten second video would ideally do better than a photo. Yes, picture is worth a 1000 words, but a video is composed of multple pictures…or frames.

Plus, you can add music, audio, effects to make your video stand out that you can’t do with pictures. It’ll keep your customers coming back for more and hopefully “stand out”?

There are different types of video advertisements that you can use, you can use illustrationl videos where people animate different artwork to advertisement your business

you can do real life video where you can do a testimony or if you wanted to show people your product, you can showcase it in action from multiple different angles and provide a storyline
for commerce shops, you can show your production in action

everything’s about the eprcience. Video bleeds experience. Online advertising is moving towards video and so should you if you want to be ahead of the curve

your website has too much text

The images you found on the internet or had designed, are basic. There was no thought into the image selection. You need someone to take your textual content and make it look pretty
You need a set of creative eyes to help you where you’re lacking
A true entrepreneur or porfiesuional knows that they can’t do it all,
sure, you can learn photoshop yourself…illustrator, but if you’re a sales account, you should be focused on your accounting responsible, not trying to learn a new software, make ads, and diy, when you can devote your attention elsewhere. Unless, you really want to learn a skill
A professional knows http certain takes need to be delegated

overall, a graphic designer will increase your sales, bring in more leads, and give your brand, website, a fresh makeover from a different perspective. It’l be the equivalent of working a rough day and completing your day with a hot shower. Sounds refreshing already, right?

IF you’re looking for a graphic designer,
contact me here and view my portfolio work her:


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