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So last month, I learned how to render glTF files in Blender. 

I had some previous experience with 3D using Maya back in college (#GoBlue), but forgot everything I knew since this was back in 2012. 

Before that as a young teen, I used to make clothes in IMVU lol! 


Initially, I wanted to show my Tilt Brush VR pieces in a higher quality, but Google Poly shut down, so I lost access to their GIF feature and the ease of viewing my 3D art online. 

I started using TiltBrush after watching AnnaDreamBrush sell her pieces that she made in TiltBrush as NFTs. I chose abstract art as a category, because as a graphic designer/graphic artist, I’m too concerned with making things look as perfect as possible. With abstract pieces, there’s literally no rules. And with me, if there’s no rules, I’d actually be able to finish a piece instead of sitting on it for months. 

Anywho…since the Google Poly sunset, my workaround then became screen recording in the #Oculus and turning the video into a GIF, but it was mad ugly, so I stopped.

Shoutout to Youtube for teaching me how to import glTF files, add cameras in #Blender, and how to rotate the pieces on a platform.

I initially ran into some issues because the pieces were all pink once imported. I spent hours looking for a solution, but thank God I found one. 

Instead of grabbing the files directly from the Oculus drive, I had to upload my files from Tilt Brush/Open Brush directly to Sketchfab. 

Sketchfab has a feature where I can download my uploaded TiltBrush files and export them as glTF.

In Blender, I took the glTF files from Sketchfab, imported them, and boom!…the textures started showing.

The next step was figuring out the best settings for rendering. I also learned how to upload to a render farm to speed up the process.

Here’s how they came out (see video).


My future goals….


I would love to do an art gallery showing in #Altspace with my pieces (currently building up the courage lol). 

I haven’t figured out how to import them into Altspace just yet due to so many triangles in the models, but I think I can work something out after I start learning Unity.

Feeling inspired from last night’s creator panel in Altspace.


I also would like to do a concert or music listening party in #AltspaceVR, but that’s another post. 



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