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Networking, but Introverted

Ah, if you look on the intreat, you’ll see millions of articles about how to find clients. Most of these articles mentions networking at local events, going door to door to businesss, meeting people face to face. First of all, why would I do that? Two, the shit scares me even if I’m good at it. And three, I become an extrovert when I’ve been drinking, which means I would have to be drunk all the time. Most o these answers and suggestions come from people who are extroverts. People who NEEED other human interactions to thrive. They process their thoughts externally with other people, which is why they’re so good at human interaction. Introverts on the other hand, we like to process our thoughts internally. We feed off our alone time, pacing around the house, washing dishes but thinking about something completely different, or getting a plethora of ideas in the shower. This is not t say the extroverts are better than introverts, but there are different things that make us tick.

So what are some ways to promote your business as an Introvert?
Oh my gah, the internet! What about the internet?

Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is amazing! As a graphic designer It’s so easy to create a quick graphic, through it up on Facebook Ads and watch the results come in. Facebook Ads is so great at targeting their users it’s almost scary. But, just like any platform, Facebook ads requires that you treat it delicately. For example, say I’m a graphic designer who just opened up a t-shirt business. My first t-shirt design is something along the Detroit Lions! Boom! So I head to Facebook Ads, and they prompt with the best option for my goal. Usually I choose th method that leads to PPC (Pay-Per-Click). This means that you’ll pay a certain amount (your bid amount) every time someone clicks on your ad. The best way to get more clicks is by having a targeted audience. So I have my Detroit Lions design up and ready to go. I jump on Photoshop and create a graphic for it…pause. What kind of graphic? Is it just text? Thatwon’t fly. Is just a picture of the Detroit Lions? Are you trying to get sued? You need to create an advert that’s outside the box. maybe you come up with a phrase like, “This year, we’re going all the way. Then you can use the Detroit Lions colors to subtly let your audienc know who you’re referring, too. Generally with Facebook Ads, the less text you have the better. You need to create compelling graphics. Don’t be afraid of bright colors, or “intentional” design decisions, because after all, you don’t need to look like everyone else. Your main goal is getting “clicks”. And in order to get clicks, just like in sales, you need to have some type of edge on your competitiors going. “The nail that sticks out gets hammered”. Fuck that! The nail that sticks out gets SEEN!

Bam! I have my unique, b ut captivating graphic now. What next? You need to have a targeted audience. Facebook has a beautiful algorithm that lets you define your audience to a “T”. Here are some tactics I’ve used in the past. First and foremost, I need to filter it to people with high incomes, but not too high. Also, try including the top spending category: — These people are most likely to shop online. Another obvious factor, Detroit. It won’t do me any good advertising to people in Florida if I’m promoting the Detroit lions. What other factors should I include? It depends on your audience Key advice:YOU ARE NOT YOUR TARGET AUDIENC. Do a simple google search to get an idea of what your brand is and who’s most likely to buy it. you have to niche it down aka get specific with your audience to get the lowest cost per clicks. But, not too specific, otherwise, you won’t have a lot of people seeing your ads…low impressions.

Facebook Ads is perfect for introverts. All you need is money! Yep, it takes money to make money. Start off with a small budget, maybe $20 over the next 2 weeks. Create maybe 2 or 3 graphics that you can split-test to see which graphics perform better with your audience. Whichh every graphic yields the lowest COST PER CLICK AND HAS THE HIGHEST CLICK THROUGH RATE, that’s the graphic you should focus on. Create twins or triplets of the same graphic. There’s no telling how well an ad may do in front of an audience unless you test.

This methodology can be applied to so many other businesses, too. Are you a freelance writer? What kind of advertisement can you create to display on Facebook ads? Who is your targeted audience? What are there interests and how can I target them specifically. Also, don’t create boring text-based ads. There’s a plethora of shitty ads out there. You need to be different, unique, but also appealing. Shit, use comic sans if you have too, but make sure your decisions are intentional. Just because something looks bad to you, it may look good to other people. YOU ARE NOT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE

I’ve used Facebook Ads in the past, but I currently owe them right now, so I’m not using the at the moment. As soon as I pay them off, I will create new campaigns. With sites like Facebook Ads, you’re able to bring leads to you! Fuck leaving the house or the office, people will drop in your hands. People will click on your ads and visit your site or product because you caught their attention. This is an alternative to following the typical route, chambers of commerce meeting, networking events, door-to-door, blah-blah I’m not saying these methods don’t work, but as a fellow INFJ, you have to play to your strenghts. Maybe every blue moon you improve on yourself by doing something outside of your comfort zone and checking out a ntetowkring event but it is NOT the only way.

If you’re against Facebook, for some odd reason, you can also use Google Adwords, Reddit Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc. There’s a huge resource of different campaigns you can use. Google after all is the top search engine company in the world, but Facebook’s targeting is not like any other. Introverts, we have a limited source of social energy so use it wisel.y Also, just because you don’t go to newteoking events, doesn’t mean you can’t network anywhere else. I can count countless times where i’m at party (tipsy of course), kickback (also tipsy), church (not tipsy, but full of people I know, and God), whatever and someone asks what I do. Bam! Have a couple of buiness cards on hand? Then give them one. Also, have a 10 second speech about what you do prepared just to make things easier. You’re only nervous most of the ti because you feel unprepared. Also like my mom tells me, if you’re nervous, it means you care. But if you’ve rehearsed possible questions, like introverts do all the time which creating scenarios in our heads, then it’s a little bit easier because you’re prepared. It’s like an actor fully off-book, vs an actor who just learned their lines….the other day.

Introverts, comment bellow ways you used in the past to bring clients to you.

Also, hire me, I’m a graphic designer.



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